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Plug-in Module (UK)

Plug-in Module (UK)

Plug-in Module (UK)




Schedule, automate and remotely control lighting or appliances with the wireless plug-in module. It pairs with Piper in seconds and will allow you to create rules based on the time of day, if motion was detected or a door opened and more!

Operates at 230V 50Hz input, and 2990W max load.

  • Fantastic Wireless Range: Average distance of 50-65 feet in a home.
  • Discreet: Small in size, discreetly blends into your home’s interior.
  • Range Extender: Provides Z-Wave wireless range extension to your other accessories.
  • Safe: Protects devices with built-in surge and over-current protectors.
  • Plug-in Module (UK)
  • User manual