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Smart Switch (Europlug)

Smart Switch (Europlug)

Smart Switch (Europlug)



Schedule, automate and remotely control lighting or appliances with the wireless smart switch. It pairs with Piper in seconds and will allow you to create rules based on the time of day, if motion was detected or a door opened and more!

Operates at 250V 50Hz input, and 4000W or 16A max output.

  • Fantastic Wireless Range: Average distance of 50-65 feet in a home.
  • Discreet: Small in size, discreetly blends into your home’s interior.
  • Range Extender: Provides Z-Wave wireless range extension to your other accessories.
  • Safe: Protects devices with built-in surge and over-current protectors.
  • Smart Switch (Europlug)
  • User manual